Motivated to be Active

About MotiActive

I’ve had MotiActive in my head for a couple of years but never got the courage to bring it to life till about 3 years later. Still, better late than never! MotiActive is a combination of the words “motivated” and “active”. Essentially, being motivated to pursue your dreams and aspirations, an active pursuit. It also has a similar meaning in Yoruba “mo ti” means “I am”, so “mo ti active” -> “I am active”. This second meaning was just a happy coincidence.

Most times we have so many dreams in our heads but we are not always motivated to act on them. That could be due to fear, lack of time, lack of opportunity, or a host of other reasons. I want to use this platform to talk about the actions I’ve taken to fulfill the vision God has given me. Documenting both the failures and successes. And as an added bonus, I’ll also be talking about life in Nigeria and how it has been so far.

I hope you stick around and enjoy all the content on here!

I also have a Youtube channel and Medium page so please check them out.